This blog is intended to provide support to grandparents, and equip them to make an impact on their grandchildren’s faith journey. I hope you will join me here on The Servants’ Swing on a regular basis.

There are three things that I am passionate about: children, faith, and gardening. There is always something to see and do out in the garden. Many of the things that we see can be easily shared with our children and grandchildren. Even better, there are many stories in the Bible can easily be linked to a gardening or nature activity. What an incredible way to reach boys and girls with the news that God came to this world to make a difference in their lives!

Last year I was astounded when I heard a speaker at the Legacy Grandparenting Summit. I suddenly realized that as a grandparent I am the connection between many generations. I had never thought about this from a spiritual perspective. A love for caring for the land, and gardening has been passed down the generations. At the same time, a legacy of Christian faith was handed from my great-grandparents to my grandparents, to my parents, and then to me. In turn, I am passing that on to my children and grandchildren, who will (hopefully) continue to share it.

Grandparents have an amazing ability to impact others. They will often step willingly forward to fill the gaps that their children cannot fill. Grandparents are second only to parents in their ability to influence children. Many grandparents state that their grandchildren are the greatest joy they have. This passion could be used better, and is not very well tapped into by the vast majority of family ministries in America.

How can grandparents be utilized better in our homes, churches, and communities? They have an amazing amount of wisdom, resources, and passion. They are crazy about their grandchildren, are tech savvy, and many are full of energy. We can encourage and equip them to be intentional influencers of our youngest generation. It is time for change! Time to envision churches and other places working with grandparents. Time to equip grandparents so they can effectively reach their grandchildren for Christ!